918Kiss APK Latest Review (2020)

918Kiss Review

918kiss review

Before we start on today’s 918Kiss Review, Let’s us look into what is 918kiss Online? 918Kiss was previously called SCR888, but changed to its current name due to large deformations and rebranding, is one of the most outstanding online casino platforms in Malaysia, Brunei, and all of Asia. It was developed by a group of students in Malaysia University, as their final year project in 2013. 918kiss Malaysia combines a variety of entertainment that is trending, ranging from fishing games and live table games to the catchy ‘slot game’ all in one place. This makes the casino the number one choice of most casino enthusiasts. There are over 100 slot machines and table games in the app, and that brings the good frustration of what game to select and play as this can cause a little head spinning.

Aside from the well-selected collection of games, the online casino has high quality, consistency, convenience, and integrity, such that picking a game becomes a challenging task, as all the games are top-notch. Popular games which can be found inside this app include:

  •   Great blue slot game
  •   Safari heat game
  •   Samurai slot game
  •   Thai paradise slot game
  •   Bonus bears slot games, etc.

Online software providers such as Pussy888, Mega888, ACE33, Sky777, Play8oy, Joker123, Rollex11 and Triple-A(AAA), are partners with 918Kiss, reinforcing the credibility of the 918kiss platform being one of the biggest online casinos in the country.

Customer satisfaction is of key importance, therefore the customer care/support service is well structured and very timely for easy communication. The 918kiss Online APK has a fine display with a visually attractive design. The interface is user friendly, as users do not necessarily need to be proficient in the use of technology, to be able to play and enjoy the games. 918kiss is easy to access and simple to play and several controls are put in place to enable a spontaneous response, and the drop-down menu bars enable users to select the category of games to play.

It is well known that card games catch the interest of most gamblers, this coupled with many other games helps to kill the day’s boredom. All games chosen by players are quality games and fair even though you are not there to monitor it, and this is unlike other online casinos that operate to rob their customers. 918kiss gives users awesome and thrilling gaming experiences, such that no matter their preferences, maximum satisfaction is guaranteed.

These unique attributes make the 918kiss online casino platform top ranking in all Asia. It’s the perfect center for a newbie in the world of games, a casual gamer looking for a place to ‘cool-off’, a hardcore gamer who likes challenging games or a ‘businessman’ who is only interested in making money via gaming. Aside from the relaxing feeling you get when playing the games, there are motivating factors such as winnable prizes, jackpot, promotions, and bonuses available to players, so it’s a win-win either way. You can also check up more strategies to help you win in 918kiss.


Basically, there are two ways for players to create an account with 918Kiss casino. These are:

  •   Through the 918kiss official website
  •  And through the 918kiss APK

Players are at liberty to choose whichever medium they want. By downloading the application, there are several versions available for download 918kiss at any app store (e.g. google play store or apple store) available to the device.

you can check up how to download 918kiss android and how to download 918kiss IOS by clicking on the link highlighted

Whether you are registering with the online website (918kisses.my) or the 918kiss app (apk download link for both iOS and android), you are required to follow the instructions written at the page for registration and fill the necessary details appropriately. It is required that you choose a username and a password which is a common prerequisite for all other sites or apk. All IDs from 918kiss are unique for each member.

When filling your details, it is required that your details are not false and that you are not using a stolen identity, to prevent being barred from the site. Users can start depositing money and playing games only after the account created has been verified by the user. After depositing, points are credited to the specific ID; each player can see their points when they are logged in.

New members or joiners are awarded free credits or in another term ‘welcome bonus’ to welcome them on board. You can also check on our post “how to claim your free credit on 918kiss” here.


918Kiss Membership Plan 

Two membership plans are available on the 918kisses platform: regular membership and VIP -membership. Both accounts have limitless access to all promotions, offers, bonuses, and games available on 918kiss, but the VIP-member gains priority seats to aid easy application for the available packages such as the promotions and 918kiss features covered in the terms and conditions.

However, for a successful 918kiss login, you would require the 918kiss app. If you are using the android app, get the 918kiss android app, for the iPhone, get the 918kiss ios app. 918kiss login is simple, you just need a password and a username. After a successful 918kiss login, players can start depositing many and play all of our great casino games.



918kiss top gunocean king 918kiss

Online casinos are considered to be a platform for users to play games and win cash, online software providers are responsible for supplying content to an online casino, therefore, the key factor in building a successful and well adored online casino is to curate your content so that they match your user’s varying tastes and preferences in gaming. 918Kiss’ method of achieving this is by drawing sources from as massive of a pool as possible, so they can have a collection big enough to appeal to just about any type of gamers.

When you enter 918Kiss, your first impression of the site would be its wide variety of content, spanning for rows after rows all fighting for your attention. Players are all satisfied when gaming with 918Kiss because at the site, it is almost impossible for one to run out of games to play. We can see and understand how so many people are already addicted to the online casino.

Once the installation of the app or logging in is completed, the users are opened to a whole world of gaming. Large varieties of entertainment are available for one to choose from, In today’s 918kiss review we will look into some of the top trending games we highly recommend are listed in their various categories below;


✔ Easter Surprise

This game is based on the popular easter holiday, it is colorful and family-friendly, with cheerful music in the background and bright colors on display. It contains easter eggs and the easter bunny. The game is rated ★★★★★ Stars

✔ Pheonix

This game has a unique, customized set of icons and multiplier and special gameplay mechanics. It is interesting and is suitable for all age groups. The game is rated ★★★★★ stars.

✔  Top Gun

Top gun is a slot game based on a classical movie by Tony Scott in 1986, titled ‘Top Gun’, features like fighter jets, pilots and military aesthetics make the game thrilling. The game has made 918kiss the most featured game of the month several times, making it one of the site’s most successful and popular games of all time. The game is rated ★★★★★ stars.


✔ Ocean King

Casino games can be challenging or they can be relaxing, out of all the casino games available, we have to say the fishing game is our favorite. This game has the thrills, the hypes, and excitement to offer players. It has a bonus system, score multipliers, profitability, and gameplay mechanics which makes the game addictive. The game is rated ★★★★★ stars.

✔  Da Sheng Nao Hai

This is another classy fishing game; the player represents the mischievous god responsible for creating chaos and raising havoc, the player depicts a deity moving violently in the ocean kingdom. This game would bring out the rebel in you. The game is rated ★★★★★ stars.


✔ Poker Three

Casino games are just not complete without a proper set of live table games, this game involves cards; it’s classic, super immersive, smooth, and fast. It features unlimited lobbies, therefore, there is no queuing or waiting required. The game is rated ★★★★★ stars.


918kiss android is compatible with android users who use android phones, and 918kiss ios are compatible with all iPhone users running on the ios. Whether it be android ios, does not matter, 918kiss already have you covered by offering the 918kiss apk download service, 918kiss apk can be accessed at the 918kiss download platform. 918kiss login can be done by accessing the 918kiss app on your phone.


918kiss app download process is easy, convenient, and user-friendly. The 918Kiss App can be downloaded from any application store such as Apple store or Google Play store at zero charges, by typing in the name of the app using the search menu of the app store, and the online casino app shows up. For 918kiss download ios, go to the IOS app store, for 918kiss android, visit the google play store, for 918kiss apk, you can go to 918kisses.my.

In cases of denied access to the app on these app stores, due to gambling laws and restrictions, the 918kiss app can be downloaded from the site, by clicking the correct download link accrued to the specific operating system. For manual installation, simply visit 918kisses.my to access the 918kiss apk. 918kiss apk file is required for a successful installation onto either your android or your iPhone.

It is important to note that although 918kiss is compatible with both ios and android, you will have to click the correct 918kiss apk download link so that the installation on your android phone or your iPhone can be completed. If you have opted for 918kiss pc download, you can still transfer the 918kiss apk onto your iPhone or Android via wire transfer.

Once the apk file is downloaded, the installation process starts when the device trusts the app developers. To achieve this on your mobile, go to SETTINGS, then GENERAL SETTINGS, go to DEVICE MANAGEMENT, scroll to ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD, click on it, then cluck TRUST, the installation process which is not more than 5 minutes begins almost immediately. Or check up the full 918kiss download tutorial here. You can refer our homepage on how to login to 918kiss or check-up our how to login to the 918kiss tutorial here.


Several 918kiss review sites and blogs have shown the 918kiss site has a high reputation and reliability. At this point, 918Kiss hack is impossible. Reviewers have praised the outstanding security systems and most 918kiss reviews have been positive. On the official website, several accreditations and licenses by different organizations are shown. 918kiss safe, there has been no case of breach of users’ privacy, hence the identity, money, and account of users are secure. Security systems have two-factor authentication and 128-bit encryption.

Customer satisfaction is the priority in 918kiss, customer service is professional, friendly, and passionate and easy to reach. Customer care hotline is on standby 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help customers when they have trouble logging into their account, and also help to resolve any complaints on time.


Developers at 918kiss constantly work to improve, upgrade and polish the online casino, for effective deliverables, fresh experience and satisfaction, the app and site go through constant maintenance also to meet up with customers’ demands and address them through continuous change and evolution. During unannounced temporary maintenance, the market in some countries sometimes closes, players are urged to be patient, as such maintenance is geared towards better service and constantly strive for new innovation.


Everyone is qualified to be a 918KISS agent, the job only requires strong capital. To become an agent, one has to connect to the nearest 918kiss agent and apply it as a proxy kiosk user.

Now that you have read through our 918Kiss Review why not download 918Kiss Today by clicking on the button below.

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