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Gamers in Malaysia will find that there tons and tons of options available on the internet for them to choose from when it comes to a reliable, high-quality gaming platform, but none of them comes close to the top tier service provided by 918kiss. If you live in Malaysia, and you are well-versed in the online gaming and mobile gaming industry, then you have surely heard of 918kiss. After all, we are the top 1 ranking online casino is not only the country but the entire region as well. Our reputation spans across continents, and we are especially famous in the southeast asian region. For those of you who are new to the scene, and have never heard of 918kiss, you can check more on our 918kiss review


What is 918kiss?

First off, 918kiss is an application-based online casino. We are a gaming platform that operates online, and you can access us by downloading our mobile application. An online casino differs from a land-based casino in terms of rules, regulations, accessibility, content and service, so you should not approach an online casino with the same mindset as you would with a land based casino. Online casinos can be accessed anywhere, meaning as long as you have your phone with you, it does not matter if you are at work, at lunch, at home or on a vacation, with the simple flick of a finger, you can always visit us instantly for a quality time of good fun, great entertainment. 


What gives 918kiss it’s competitive edge?

In Malaysia, we know our fans do not only care about the games we provide. What an online casino should promise to their player base is not only the quantity or the quality of their entertainment content, though we do already have the two bases covered already — a truly reliable, top notch online casino should always treat their customers first, and their own profit second. This can be done by constantly enhancing the user’s experience at the site through service upgrades, constant promotions, appealing designs, outstanding service and many, many more. All of the aforementioned traits, we promise to deliver, and beyond. We pride ourselves in our acknowledgement as a group about the importance of consistency in service, maintenance, and user satisfaction, and we are willing to cite all the positive reviews that we have received throughout the years since our inception as proof. 


Things to consider if you are deciding whether 918kiss is the online casino for you.

We have listed a few of the reasons below that says why you should try 918kiss. Our staff at 918kiss have ensured that the most important goal for us as a gaming platform is to deliver the utmost quality in terms of user experience so that our client can enjoy the utmost satisfaction 918kiss has to offer and at the same time make sure that our competitor stays 2nd compared to 918kiss. In today casino industry standards, we consider an online casino to be reliable if it meets all of the positive traits listed below:


  • Great game design and quality
  • Substantial game collection
  • User-friendly casino design
  • Outstanding security systems
  • Superb customer service 
  • Above-average profitability


Choosing to support an online casino is not easy, after all, the competition in the industry is extremely fierce. If you are going to make a choice, make sure that it is the right one, make sure that it is a decision that you are comfortable with. 


How do I download  and install the 918kiss app if I live in Malaysia?

The 918kiss app is usually available to be downloaded straight from either the 918Kiss IOS Apple app store or 918Kiss Android play store, however, due to the strict laws against gambling, be it online or offline, in Malaysia, it is rather unfortunate that we had to be taken down from the app store in the region. However, Malaysian fans will not have to worry, as we already have a solution for this. Players in Malaysia who wish to download the 918kiss app can access it by going to our third-party download site that is 918kisses.my. There, you will find multiple download links for the 918kiss app sorted by the operating system. Clicking the link will prompt the download of the .apk file for the 918kiss app, this file can be used for manual installation. Make sure you click on the correct download link as apps designed for different operating systems are not compatible with each other! 


To manually install the 918kiss app onto your phone, your laptop, desktop, or your tablet, simply follow the few easy steps below: 


Step 1: Before the installation process can begin, the phone needs to be prompted by the user that the developers of the application stored within the .apk file can be trusted. To do this, the user will have to follow the directory listed below to find ‘ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD.’ There, the user should click on the name and then click TRUST.




Step 2: Go to the phone’s storage systems and look for the .apk file, click on it to initiate the installation process. The user may or may not be prompted with a question on whether to trust the unknown file again, simply click yes or trust to begin the installation process immediately. 


Step 3: All you need to do now is wait for the phone to automatically take care of the rest of the installation process. The installation process takes time, not more than 5 minutes for an optimized system.  Once the installation is completed, a message will pop up notifying the user. Once the installation is successful, you can visit 918kiss whenever you please. 


How do I create a 918kiss account?

Once the app installation process can complete, the next step for interested players is to create a 918kiss account. 918kiss accounts are required to access the 918kiss entertainment content, users will require a username and password for the 918kiss account, and each account comes with a 918kiss wallet in which players can transfer their money into and then use the credits to enjoy all the games available at 918kiss.


There are two approaches to create a 918kiss account:

  1. Direct account registration in the app or,
  2. Proxy account registration via hiring a 918kiss agent.


For direct registration, simply access the 918kiss app or any 918kiss website and find the registration button. From there, fill in your personal details and pick a username plus password for your account. Users will need to verify their email address and personal information in order to fully complete the account registration process. However, for 918kiss players who face any trouble during the registration process, we would recommend that you choose to register an account via a 918kiss agent. A 918kiss agent has administrative access to the 918kiss app, therefore they can make the registration process very quick, simple and efficient for the user. Provide the 918kiss agent with your information so that they can help you register an account, in no time, a generated username and password will be delivered to the players. 


What games should I check out once I have successfully created an account with 918kiss?

If you have created a 918kiss account and have made your first deposit into your 918kiss wallet, we would recommend that you do not be too hasty or impatient in wanting to immediately try out all of our games. The games are not going anywhere, and there are rows upon rows of entertainment options for you to choose from, so do take your time. The first thing to do is to claim your welcoming bonus, consider this a gift or a newcomer starter pack from us to help you with finding your footing and start building your online gaming career right away. The free credits you receive from the bonuses that we give to newcomers can be used to do trial runs on all of the amazing content on our site, who knows, if you have good luck, you might just make a huge turnover on your very first day on 918kiss.


Finding a good game to play is not a difficult feat, after all, we would gladly define every game available at 918kiss to be great, rewarding and satisfying. These games are all carefully handpicked and curated to suit our player base’s differing preferences and tastes. We would recommend newcomers to try out our slot games first before moving into more advanced multiplayer experiences such as fishing games and all of our live table games. Slot games are simple and easy to pick up, so new players can consider it a warm-up. 


The featured slot games and various other similar arcade games at 918kiss include: 

Great Blue, Wu Kong, Highway King, Green Light, Victory, Dragon Gold, Orient, Rally, Boy King, Easter, Football, and of course, our personal favorite: Steam Tower. 

All of these games are at least rated four out of five stars, so it is almost guaranteed that you’ll have a great time at our online casino just by checking these gems out. We wish you good luck, and have fun!