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918KISS ONLINE SLOT: How To Withdraw Your Winnings

How To Withdraw Your Winnings in 918kiss online slots

Introduction : What is 918kiss ?

918kiss online slot game platform for those who love to play casino and slot games online. 918kiss is one of the best sites with user-friendly features that attract customers all around the world. It offers more than 100 interesting games with attractive features and design. A free download application is also available for people who want to play on their mobile phones. The mobile app is available for both Android and IOS phones and tablets. 918kiss is the most reputable online slot gaming platform.

Banking Rules And Guidelines

918kiss reserves the right to credit the account of the member after the confirmation of the deposit is received. The customers are required to keep the bank deposit receipts for references to the transaction. These receipts can also be used as proof of transaction and transfer of money when needed. The account of the customer will be credited within 10 minutes after the confirmation has been received.

918kiss does not accept cheque deposits due to frauds that can be done through cheque deposits. 918kiss has a complete right to perform random security checks on the accounts of the members without giving any prior notice to them. These security checks might also include providing banking documents as proof of transactions and transfers. 

918kiss matches the personal information given at the registration stage with that of banking details. If these details do not match, 918kiss will stop all the transactions and transfers as well as suspend the account of the customer immediately.


The details of the customers should not be leaked for the usage of 3rd party. The money can not be withdrawn in the name of the 3rd party. 918kiss reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal of money and might ask the customer to go through the verification process for security reasons. If the customers need help to get through the verification process, they can contact the customer service representative anytime. The customer services are available 24/7 to all the members.

918kiss has the right to stop the withdrawal of money in case if they found any fraudulent activities in that specific account. This will lead to permanent suspension of the account of that user. 918kiss can also stop, cancel or reduce the amount of bet if they feel that the bet is above the limits or irregular bet or abnormal bet. They will directly take action with the help of artificial intelligence without informing the customer or giving them prior notice of such action.


The customers of 918kiss are requested to comply with all the terms and conditions laid down by 918kiss. They can be asked to provide a copy of identity cards, passport copy, front and back copy of credit/debit card, driving license, latest bank statements or any other documents as a proof of personal identification. If the customers fail to comply with such terms and conditions, 918kiss has a complete right to suspend the account and keep it suspended until and unless further proof is not submitted within a given time.

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