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All You Need To Know About 918Kiss IOS

918kiss IOS


All your favorite online games are gathered in one place, and it is no other than 918kiss. 918kiss offers an exquisite experience to all of its users through the great games, a great platform and all sorts of other wonderful content for your pleasure and entertainment. 918kiss is an online, application-based online casino that you can download onto your phone and start enjoying all of our content on the go. Gone are the days where people have to travel all the way to a land-based casino just to play a game of blackjack or two, land-based casino requires all visitors to dress appropriately and queue up for games, not to mention the troublesome labyrinth design, the choking atmosphere and the abundant noise pollution. Now, with the introduction of online casinos, players can play games with other players from across the globe, while at home, at work, both outdoors and indoors. As long as you have your phone with you, 918kiss is just the flick of a finger away. 918kiss offers a wide variety of high-quality games, we have the ones you would normally find in a land-based casino and ones you have never even seen before. 918kiss has slot games, fishing games, blackjack, roulette, arcade games, not to mention social games, relaxing games and exciting shooting games as well. All of these and much more will be available for you at 918kiss.


Yes, you do. All players will be required to register a 918kiss dedicated account, either via direct registration through either the official 918kiss website or the 918kiss app, or proxy registration through hiring a dedicated 918kiss agent. For more information on how to register a 918kiss account, scroll down and read the section on how to create a 918kiss account below.


918kiss is an online casino that can only be accessed online. The online casino is supported by all platforms, so it does not matter whether you are on a personal computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, or even your smart watch, smart tv or smart fridge for that matter. The internet of things is truly a wonderful design, and this is why 918kiss can be accessed anywhere with a stable enough internet connection. To download the 918kiss app, simply go to either the apple app store or the google play store and use the search function to search for our name. If you have any trouble finding us on the app store, however, we would recommend that you try our third alternate way of accessing 918kiss app, that is through manual installation by using the .apk file. 


Follow the few easy steps below on how to successfully install the 918kiss app onto your phone: 

Step 1: Go to 918kisses.my.

Step 2: Choose a download link based on the operating system of the device you choose to install the 918kiss app on. For example, if you own an iphone and wish to try out all our 918kiss games on your phone, you would need a 918kiss .apk file that is compatible with IOS. If you had chosen to download the 918kiss app for androids, the installation process will not be successful, so make sure you choose correctly.

Step 3: Go to SETTINGS on your phone, then go to GENERAL SETTINGS. After that, proceed to DEVICE MANAGEMENT.

Step 4: Here, you should see a list of names. Look for the name ‘ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD’. It is the name of the developer of our app. Click on it and then click TRUST when prompted. The directory summary is listed below:


Step 5: Now that your phone has trusted the developers of the 918kiss app, the installation process can finally begin. Go to FILE MANAGER and look for the .apk file of the 918kiss app. By clicking on it, you would initiate the installation process.

Step 6: All the user has to do now is simply wait. The app should be ready in about five minutes. After it is done, you can now access the abundance of wonderful games at 918kiss on your iphone!


We can proudly say that 918kiss games are optimized for both android and ios users, meaning it will run extremely smooth on your iphone, your ipad or even your ipod! Our reviews on the apple app store have been nothing but positive, with reviewers citing praise for our outstanding service, appealing design, superb optimization, high-quality games, ease of access and many more! You can read more about what online casino review sites and blogs have to say about us on the internet. As of now, 918kiss is ranked among the top 10 best and most reliable online casino of all time, especially in southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia where we are celebrated the most. 


As mentioned before, the two methods of applying for membership and registering for an account at 918kiss are either the players choose to apply for membership directly themselves or via employing the help of a 918kiss agent. 

The first method is fairly simple, go to the 918kiss app or the 918kiss website and then click register, from there, fill in your personal details and pick a username and password for yourself, and you should be done. If users face any trouble or have any questions regarding this registration process, they are more than welcomed to pick the second method of registering an account with 918kiss by following these steps listed below:

Step 1: Choose a 918kiss agent. You can do this by asking for recommendations from a friend who owns a 918kiss account or by contacting us via the contact us page listed on our website. The customer service team is more than ready to recommend a legitimate and reliable 918kiss agent for you so that you can register an account immediately. 

Step 2: Contact the 918kiss agent and notify him or her that you wish to register a 918kiss account.

Step 3: Answer all the questions that the 918kiss agent asks, and give them some of your details if needed. The 918kiss agent will never ask for sensitive information or banking information, if such a situation did arise, remember to report them to us so that actions can be taken immediately. 

Step 4: Give the 918kiss agent some time to verify your identity and personal information, after this is done, they will provide you with a username and a password for your 918kiss account. 


918kiss offers a massive collection of games, and choosing a game to play on your first day when there are so many options out there can be a pretty overwhelming experience. Therefore, we are here to recommend you two of our highest-rated, featured games of the month so that you can get a taste of what makes gaming at 918kiss so special. Do check them out!

  1. Chinese Lion

The Chinese Lion is known as ‘nian’ within the chinese community, ‘nian’ in the most literal sense means year, and this chinese lion is a mythical beast that shows up every year. Depending on the context and interpretation, ‘nian’ can either bring bad luck or good fortune. Legend says that the chinese lion lives under the sea or deep within the mountains. In the Chinese Lion slot game, you will come face to face with this mythical beast, and your objective is to perform the lion dance. The lion dance is a practice where the dancer mimics the actions of the Chinese Lion, it is a performance to celebrate the arrival of ‘nian’. Some say if your dance impresses the beast, it will bring good fortune for you for the rest of the year. Perform well and receive your prize in Chinese Lion.

  1. Lucky Little Gods

Lucky Little Gods is another slot game based on Chinese mythology, this time it is about the various Gods in the mythology. These gods include Cai Shen and Wu Kong. Cai Shen known literally as the God of Fortune, and you guessed it, he is a deity known to bring large amount of fortune for whomever he visits. Every year during the Lunar New Year, chinese families will pray that their house is visited by Cai Shen, I mean, who doesn’t? He is a god known to wear a gold ingot as a hat and will drop money wherever he goes, now that is something. Wu Kong needs no introduction as he is the iconic protagonist of the famous Chinese Legend: the journey to the west. He is known as the god of mischief, much like Loki from nordic mythology. In Lucky little Gods, you will meet all these heavenly entities and more.