Mega888 APK Latest Review (2020)

Mega888 APK Latest Review (2020)


In the online casino industry, you would have to be truly outstanding in terms of game quality, platform stability, design, security, and customer service to become established as one of the high ranking, reliable gaming platforms; a lot of aspects have to be considered when evaluating an online casino, to put it simply, the best online casinos must have everything.

In a checklist including a wide selection of games, consistent quality across its catalogue, satisfying and appealing casino design is a must, the casino would have to be easy to navigate, easy to access — in other words: being user-friendly. Customer service is key, consumer demands, questions and complaints must be addressed professionally and satisfyingly, and most importantly, we come to casino security.

mega888 review

Anything other than flawless and top-notch must not be tolerated, a good and reliable online casino should always do everything in their power to make their patrons feel safe. Needless to say, breach of information or leak of customer’s information, identity theft, false information should be avoided at all costs.

After some extensive review, evaluation, and discussion, we are glad to say that no online casino has done it in a better, more efficient, and more extravagant way than the up and coming viral trend settling game developers for the Mega888 Online Slot App

What Makes Mega888 The Best?

Mega8888 Malaysia is an electronic app-based online casino supported by all mobile operating systems, the online casino mostly operates in the Southeast Asian region, in countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, yet its reputation far exceeds its base of operation, spreading far and wide not only across the Asian continent but has slowly making its name on an international level as well.

Today, we will examine just what makes the Mega8888 so special, how did it hit so many downloads across all Android and iOS iPhone users plus what makes the app stand out among its competitors.

Before you read further into our review, if you wish to try out Mega88 for yourself, we would recommend you try out both the Android and iOS versions. Mega 888 can be downloaded by visiting the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store. Mega88 is an app that runs smoothly on both Android and iOS, so you don’t have to worry about app crashes or app interruptions.

The download process is very easy, you can even download it by visiting the official download site at There, you can access the APK for easy download and installation process. Further APK download details are already available at the download site. Don’t let us spoil the fun for you, download Mega88 app for both the iOS and Android before you read any further.


A look at the catalogue of casino games provided by Mega888 has been awe-inspiring. Rows and rows of top quality casino games await the player to check out.

To put it simply, Mega8888 games are simply the best. It provide an amazing and large variety of online entertainment content, ranging from live table multiplayer card game where you can play face to face with the dealer and compete against other players around the world, or casual single-player game that had proven to be a relaxing and meditative experience, such as the slot game at Mega88 and arcade game provided at the site.

The fishing games are also one of the most popular attractions at Mega 888, they are competitive and challenging to play, but they are highly profitable, the bright graphics and great soundtrack make playing Mega888 fishing games a rewarding, engaging, even addicting experience. We love to play the fishing game for the thrills, it is largely considered to be the most addictive type of game out of all the casino games at the online casino.

Some featured games of the month at the Mega 888 app include:


mega888 monkey slot

Monkey slots is a slot game that is known to be highly chaotic, mischievous, silly and comical. It is a game based in a jungle, a simple enough premise, monkeys in search of food, and food comes in the form of stereotypical bananas. The cartoonish graphics are very effective in conveying a relaxing and casual game session.

You spin the slots to feed bananas to the monkeys, and if their immense appetite is managed to be filled, then the player will be rewarded handsomely with gold coins hidden within the forest. These monkeys guard the forests’ treasure, and you will have to rack your brain to get them on your site. The game is currently rated at four out of five stars at Mega8888.

Lucky Little Gods ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

mega888 lucky little gods

Lucky Little Gods is another slot game based on Chinese mythology, this time it is about the various gods in the mythology.

These gods include Cai Shen and Wu Kong. Cai Shen is known literally as the God of Fortune, and you guessed it, he is a deity known to bring large amounts of fortune for whomever he visits. He is a god known to wear a gold ingot as a hat and will drop money wherever he goes, now that is something.

Wu Kong needs no introduction as he is the iconic protagonist of the famous Chinese Legend: the journey to the west. He is known as the god of mischief, much like Loki from nordic mythology.


For fishing games, we have checked out the recommended selections offered by Mega8888. The best online fishing games can be found here. They include Ocean King, Li Kui Pi Yu, and more. Ocean King fishing game comes from an arcade based variety, the theme of this game, like any other fishing game, comes from hunting in the deep sea with the 3D background.

mega888 ocean king

There is nothing else to be said about Ocean King that is not already said, it’s a classic that paves the path for future fishing games to come, it is the blueprint that arguably created the genre. In terms of standards, Ocean King is the game that sets the bar.

mega888 li kui pi yu

Meanwhile, Li Kui Pi Yu is a game that is considered by many to be unusually challenging, though it is technically easy to operate, the abundance of playstyle and methods available, and the high requirement in adaptability and reflex speed can be overwhelming. Li Kui Pi Yu is not a fishing game that targets every type of consumer, it is only here to invite the ones seeking a real challenge, where difficult decisions need to be made fast.

Mega8888 strongly recommends this game to the most persistent players with the most unbreakable willpower to push through and improve. Fishing game enthusiasts should stop wasting any more time and download Mega88 today.

As always, go to the official Mega8888 download site to download the APK and install on your Android and iOS Mobiles. It is an optimized app for your mobile devices, the installation process is smooth and simple. Once you downloaded Mega888, all of the best online casino games will be at the palm of your hands.


The live table game at Mega 888 is not something you would want to miss, because it has the best online live table experiences waiting for you to try out. We love the roulette games available at Mega88, such as Roulette 0, Roulette 24, Roulette 12, and Roulette 73.

mega888 online game slot

Other players might also find Sic Bo, Bulls, Dragon Tiger interesting. We would also recommend newcomers to check out the arcade game section at Mega8888, they are all fascinating and shows us just what to expect from the most reliable online casino in the world. Some examples of these arcade games include Monkey Story, Battle World, and Racing Car.

Battle World is a game based on Chinese mythology, a unique spin on the more serious tone of Journey to the West, and features multiple famous and fan-favorite characters from well-known legends such as the Monkey King and Sha Zheng. Racing Cars is an adrenaline-fueled roulette type game and sports car lovers will have a field day betting in this game. To play all the four mentioned games above, visit Mega 888 to try out these games for yourself.


Mega888’s customer service has been receiving nothing but positive reviews. The customer service team at Mega8888 is professional, polite, and helpful. The online casino has received a five-star rating on both Google Play Store and iOS App Stores. Online casino review sites and blogs have been cited to say that the online casino’s customer service is one of the best they have ever seen.

Mega888 has customer hotlines and messaging forums open 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to be on standby addressing all customer’s questions and problems. They are also responsible for regulating the security around the online casino.

Cheaters, identity thieves, scammers, and hackers at the site will be banned immediately after they are caught, the report system works, and the site moderators are always on the lookout. All in all, this makes playing at Mega 888 a neat, fair, and satisfying gaming experience.

Mega8888 is not only following international standards but serving as a benchmark themselves as well for other future online casinos to follow. The Mega88 is the textbook example for a trustworthy online casino, sparing no expenses in polishing, optimizing, and enhancing our casino design, appeal, service, and most importantly, security.



To download the Mega8888, you can visit the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store and search for the app. The alternative way to download the app would be by visiting the download link at the above link to download the APK file for Manual Mega888 Installation.

The downloading process is simple, easy and does not take more than 5 minutes of your time.

Though it is compatible with both Android and iOS, it is important that you choose the correct Mega888 APK download link for a successful download and installation process on your android and iPhone. The online casino also offers a few ways for new members to sign up for the online casino.

One way is to register an account yourself, directly through the official website or the downloaded App. Another is by seeking a legit agent or help to register an account. Both ways are fast and efficient, so really it is up to your preference. 


Register a Mega888 account through the app today to quench your gaming appetite. You can either sign up as a regular member or VIP member, both will give you the privilege and front row seats to all sorts of entertainment content available at the online slot app. Anytime would be the perfect time to download and sign up as a new member as they are holding a special recruitment promotion.

Mega 888 offers a ton of promotions, special prizes, event bonuses, starter kits, booster packs, and many many more bonuses. New Mega 888 members will be eligible for a ton of free credit no deposit giveaways, starter packs, welcome bonuses, first deposit rebates, and more. If you sign up before the weekends and make a deposit at your Mega88 account accessible via the Mega8888 app before the week expires, you can even claim the weekly refund bonus for a handful of extra cash to spend at the online casino.

Mega 888 is generous with free credit no deposit giveaways, and all of these credits will only go to waste if you don’t claim and use them. Mega 888 also has a friend referral reward for players who prefer the online casino to their friends, for each new member brought to the site by the player through referral, a handful of free credits can be rewarded.

Some promotions, refunds, and rebates are refreshed weekly or even daily, so it is important for you, as a member of Mega88, to keep track of all of them, this includes your site attendance and deposit amount plus frequency. You can follow the blog and official website, or visit the page on Facebook to learn more about Mega888 promotions and keep yourself updated on new site contents plus new promotions in the future so you would not miss a single one of them.

Free Credit No Deposit Mega888

The free cash and free credit giveaways at Mega888 are endless, this is why you always have to be on the lookout and keep yourself updated at all times. However, it is also important to note that terms and conditions are applied to these promotions, they require that the player meet the minimum turnover requirement stated, or else the free credit no deposit received will go void. 

Although some improvements have to be made regarding the accessibility of the APK file to ease the download process, many people are eager on where to find the APK download site, and not many of them are lucky enough to find this article. If you wish to help others download, be sure to refer them to our APK download site so that the won’t miss out on the fun too.

Final Verdict

mega888 online casino malaysia

The conclusion here is that Mega88 has everything that a gamer would wish for in what is largely considered as a gaming paradise. The casino design is both appealing and user-friendly, it is designed to be pleasing to look at and easy to navigate so players will have no trouble learning how to use the app. The online casino is safe, secured, easy to access, and fun to hang out online.

We are already addicted to playing Mega888, the online casino games here are simply refreshing, addicting, and fun to play, and we hope that they continue to polish and improve their site for a guaranteed safe and fun experience for all online gamers. If you are still hesitating, be assured, playing online at Mega 888 is the best choice you have ever made in your entire online gaming career more here on why. At Mega88, the fun simply never stops.

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