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Mega888 | How To Get Mega888 Free Credit


mega888 free credit

If by now you are still yet familiar with the world of online casinos, then you have a lot of catching up to do. Online casinos bring gaming to a next level, all the games you can find in a traditional land based casino, you can surely find on an online casino as well. Online casinos have so much to offer that a traditional land based casino simply cannot. First, online casinos can be accessed anywhere. Online casinos are supported by almost every device with an internet connection out there, and we are compatible with most of the operating systems you can find. This means no matter where you are, no matter what time of day it is, you can whip out your phone and start gaming away to your heart’s content. Second, the catalogue of games available on online casinos is unparalleled anywhere else, the sheer abundance of games that players can choose to play in an online casino can be overwhelming. In any online casino, especially a major one, the first thing a player is welcomed with are rows upon rows of games. For every gamer out there, regardless of age, gender and gaming preferences, this is a paradise.

Mega888 is an application based online casino that is ranked among the top 10 best online casinos in not only the Asian continent, but the entire world. Slowly and steadily, mega888’s influence and reputation has spread far and wide across continents, making it not only an online casino that follows international standards, but setting examples for future online casinos to follow as well. In mandarin, 8 is a number that is said to bring wealth, luck and good fortune. This is because the number 8, pronounced in mandarin as ‘ba’, closely resembles the pronunciation of wealth, which is pronounced as ‘fa’. Hence the name Mega888, which vouches to bring triple the fortune for their large and diverse playerbase.

Mega888 is a relatively young company in the online casino industry, yet its reputation already far exceeds itself. Mega888 is raking in overwhelmingly positive reviews from online casino review sites and blogs, praising its large variety of entertainment content offered, superb online casino security and outstanding customer service. Though Mega888 already excels in every aspect that is used to evaluate a truly reliable online casino, the most attractive feature of Mega888, we have to admit, is certainly Mega888’s generosity. Almost every day we will have Mega888 free credit giveaways, free cash giveaways, not to mention the abundant special promotions, bonuses, event prizes, rewards and many more. It is certainly not an overstatement when we say every minute spent with Mega888 is a bonanza. If you do not believe in getting rich fast schemes, then wait until you try out the unbelievably generous gaming platform that is Mega888. 


1st step: download the Mega888 app

Mega888offers a ton of mega888 free credit, but the first thing a user has to do is sign up for a Mega888 account. To do that, the user will be required to download the Mega888 app. The Mega888 app can be accessed on both the apple app store and the google play store. To find it, simply use the search function to search for Mega888, and the app should be the first result to show up. If you find that the app is missing from the app store, you might be located in a region which is locked from accessing gambling related apps due to restrictions against gambling. The solution provided by Mega888 here is to offer a route for manual installation of the Mega888 app. To do this, visit the Mega888 download platform — to find out more about manual installation. The download platform offers links to download the apk file of the Mega888 app, users will require to have this file in their phones or whichever electronic device, be it tablet, laptop or even smart watches, to install the Mega888 app. Instructions on how to install the Mega888 app is already on the site. To summarize:

The user will have to follow the directory listed below to find ‘ALL CONTINENTAL TRADINGS SDN BHD.’ There, the user should click on the name and then click TRUST.


This directory should be the same for both IOS and Android users. The next step here would be to go to the phone’s storage systems and look for the .apk file, click on it to initiate the installation process. Once it is done, the installation process should begin automatically. Now that you have Mega888 on your phone, a whole new world of wonderful gaming experience awaits you. With our entire catalogue of amazing high quality games on the palm of your hands, you can play online casino games on the go, whenever, wherever you want. 

2nd step: create a mega888 account

There are various methods to create a mega888 account. There’s a manual method, and then there is an easier way where players can hire an agent to help create an account. We would recommend inexperienced users to use the latter. 

For the manual method, all you are required to do is go to the Mega888 official website or visit the Mega888 app and click on the huge register button, it is unmissable. The user will be prompted to key in their information before you can register an account, so be sure to key in the right information. You will need to verify all the information that you have keyed in to make sure that you are not stealing the identity of another person. False information, be it intentional or unintentional, can be deemed as fraud and identity theft, this will potentially get you banned from our online casino for an indefinite amount of time, so do double check before you submit your information. Then, you will need to pick a username and a password for your account. The username is your gamer tag, other players will be able to see it, and they will refer to you as such, so it is important that you pick a suitable username for yourself. Your password must be strong, it has to feature a combination of alphabets and numbers to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account easily. You will be depositing your money into this account so it is extremely crucial that you do not share your password to anyone else or it can potentially jeopardize your wallet, or even worse, have your privacy and information invaded and stolen by suspicious personnel. 

Users can also choose to create their account via an agent, the agent you choose must be a licensedMega888 agent or else it will not be valid. The agent will not take any fee from you because the process is entirely free, all you have to do is give him or her your information, and they will hand you your dedicated username or password in return. It is that easy!

Step 3: Claim your free credits

New users will be immediately eligible to claim free credits as soon as they make their first deposit. Some welcoming package that Mega888 has to offer for all new Mega888 fans include:

  • 150% welcome bonus, in which a user who had made their first deposit at the site is eligible for up to 300 MYR worth of free credits 
  • 50% daily reload bonus, in which up to 50MYR worth of cash rebates are available for users every day. 

There are also other daily rebates and weekly rebates available for all Mega888 players. By making a deposit that meets the minimum requirement stated in the terms and conditions of the promotions, users can access free credits with minimum turnover requirements. The weekly refund states that for a deposit of more than 1000 MYR and less than 8999 MYR, they are eligible for a 2% cashback as a reward, the maximum value is set at 100 MYR. On the other hand, if the user deposits more than 9000 MYR, they will be rewarded with a 5% cashback with a maximum value of 500 MYR, this promotion is refreshed on a weekly basis.

For more information, visit the Mega888 official website and go to the promotions tab to read more about the free credits that you can claim! You can also visit the Mega888 facebook page to keep yourself updated of the latest rewards, events and promotions available for all Mega888 players. This is an opportunity that you do not want to miss, all credits claimed are yours to keep and use, as long as you meet the minimum turnover requirement for each promotions claimed. For old members, there is a loyalty reward systems as well for the players that support us through thick and thin. For every login streak, Mega888 will offer a huge amount of free credits as a gift of appreciation! So, what are you waiting for? Come on over to Mega888 and claim your free credits today!